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The CyberPHIx: Meditology Services Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

Just as the great pyramids began with a solid base that supports the central apex, information security teams rely on the base levels to solidify the entire team structure. Recruiting and training professionals at entry and mid-levels are keys to building a solid info security infrastructure that can meet security threats and demands in the future.

Recruiting and training a competent and diverse information security team for healthcare organizations is the topic of this Podcast featuring Dr. Pablo Molina, AVP and CISO at Drexel University and Brian Selfridge, ITRM Partner at Meditology Services. This informative podcast addresses the following topics:

  • The top skills in demand for information security professionals within healthcare
  • A close look at the value of bachelor's/master's degree programs, certifications, job-training and mentoring in training cybersecurity workers specifically for healthcare settings
  • Approaches and advantages of working with transitioning workers with non-traditional education and work backgrounds into healthcare information security
  • Tips to bring together information security professionals and the academic community to better mentor and communicate training needs