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The CyberPHIx: A Meditology Services Podcast

Nov 5, 2018

Passion for security, getting to the heart of an issue and cutting through the “IT fluff” are the topics of our latest podcast with Joey Johnson, CISO of Premise Health.  Premise Health is a leading provider of direct 24/7 healthcare access services; offering more than 600 health and wellness centers in 44 states to many employers including many Fortune 1000 companies. 

Joey and host Brian Selfridge (Meditology Services) have a candid conversation about emerging trends in data security.  This Podcast features discussions about the following topics:

  • Passion on the job as the most important job skill for data security
  • Strategies for dealing with IT staffing shortages
  • How to call B.S. on the latest, greatest trending technology requisition
  • Methods for effectively evaluating and prioritizing new security technologies, applications and services being introduced into the healthcare market
  • Navigating emerging data Privacy requirements both at the state and International levels.

Show Notes:

0:24 Introduction
1:56 Shortage in Staffing Skills
3:07 Talent vs Skills
4:45 Sources of talent
6:12 Skill sets that help drive great hires
8:42 Are soft skills still important
11:45 Are academics able to produce great talent
14:20 Security Automation: What do your tackle first
17:10 You can only implement everything
19:35 What takes priority Policy or Procedures
21:42 Determine what Tech is right for you
24:35 Vendor creep versus consolidation
27:42 Is security getting backed into the process
30:34 Regulation: keep were the data goes safe
32:45 Enforcement is becoming harder due to complexity of data structure
33:51 Is current regulation getting things right
36:39 Where does regulation need to improve
39:29 What happens next with GDPR
41:20 How to incorporate GDPR in current process
44:16 What are your predictions for the Security Industry
47:40 Key takeaways