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The CyberPHIx: A Meditology Services Podcast

Aug 7, 2018

Our second CyberPHIx podcast interview with Mark Eggleston, CISO of Health Partner Plans centers on communicating strategically with board-level and senior management executives.  Mark and Meditology Services partner, Brian Selfridge discuss how to present data security initiatives and issues to senior management.


Show Notes;

  • 0:24 Introduction
  • 1:04 Governance and Communication
  • 3:01 Crisis versus daily preparations
  • 4:38 Pull approach to communication rather than Push
  • 5:45 Do threats over shadow the common defenses
  • 7:54 Framing Technical details to Executives
  • 11:04 How do you engage the technical stake holders
  • 14:45 How is the role of Security Leader going to change in future